Layering Basics
The wide range of soft VÄV Basics is the perfect pairing for the layered style that fall brings. Texture and color is the name of the game when it comes to adding layers to fight off the biting cold of the crisp autumn air. Our unique blend of 100% two-ply combed Peruvian Pima extra long staple cotton offers the perfect cozy fit underneath sweatshirts, jackets, and heavier fall-inspired pieces.

As the weather dips, the indoor heating usually goes up. This makes our breathable premium basics the perfect choice for ditching your jacket at the door to enjoy the rest of your time without wishing the door would open to let in the cool outside air.

This is also the perfect season to cuddle up with our amazingly soft Pima sweatshirts. We crafted these to serve as the perfect accompaniment to both a casual day out or allow you to forget the outside world for a while and find the perfect spot to binge-watch your favorite shows.

This autumn, be bolder. Express yourself through framing outfits and add in splashes of color without giving up the classic comfort of the basic. Explore layers in vivid accents with our premium basics to highlight your individual style.
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