Luxury Delivered

Style is never a compromise, it’s as simple as that.

VÄV basics bring together all of the best styles that showcase timeless trends with 100% two-ply combed Peruvian Pima extra long staple cotton. So what does that mean and why should you care?

There are brands that showcase their ethical workplace practices and sustainable harvesting procedures, but do those factors translate into quality products? Nope.

For nearly the last century, our approach builds quality from the ground up. The relationship with our farmers is rooted in fair partnerships, while our factories are staffed with a team who has grown with us, honing their skills and expertise in a positive work environment.

Now here’s where we rise above the rest, as best put by our Director, Gerardo Majluf:

“We utilize the best and most expensive high-count combed two-ply cotton yarn 80/2. Combining these into premium fabrics, our clean and sustainable ecological process allows our designers and fabrication team to craft the finest-quality basics.”

“VÄV is vertically integrated, meaning that we supply directly from our fields to the customers, giving us the ability to offer luxury at affordable prices.”

Don’t settle for brand trends and style fads. Experience premium quality without compromise.

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