Packing The Basic Essentials

Leaving the daily routine in the rearview mirror and immersing yourself in the unique elements of travel means living every moment and experience. Fill your time with exploration and memory-making wanderlust, and not the incessant worry about packing, outfits, and rearranging your baggage options. Our lightweight, premium basics travel with you from coast to coast, making layering and accessorizing easy no matter where exploration takes you.

Harvested by hand, our 100% premium Pima cotton basics are crafted with a sustainable process that elevates casual fashion into a unique statement. Expertly woven to flex and fit every body shape, the VÄV basic is the perfect travel companion for men and women, mountains and beaches.

Showcasing our uncompromising quality in a variety of colors and styles allows you to pack light and keep your luggage manageable without sacrificing style. From scoop-necks and tank-tops, to crew necks and soft, stylish sweatshirts, you’ll have everything you need in one accessible spot.

Basic travel tips:

  • Vary your colors
    • With a few different colored basics you can completely transform your look from day to night. Variety of shades allows you to create style on the fly while you’re on the go.
  • Accessorize
    • Keeping your outfit simple means that you can change tones with well-chosen elements for your outfit. From brightly colored watches to pendants and bobbles, accenting our basics opens up endless possibilities.
  • Travel in layers and style
    • Layering an outfit while your traveling frees up some added space for more options and variety. The Peruvian Pima cotton adds comfort to the equation, making long travel days more enjoyable while you explore.

Ditch the checked baggage and pack light with everything you need with VÄV’s premium basics. Map out your perfect road trip or buy a ticket and travel on a whim with style and comfort, without compromising quality or your look.

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