Premium Peru

Traveling back more than 6,000 years, the first signs of cotton can be traced to the fertile soils of the stunning Peruvian coast. The rugged landscapes, nurtured in rich volcanic soil, began to adapt and evolve into the ideal environment for cultivating a uniquely pure cotton. This Peruvian Pima cotton steadily built a reputation as the industry’s softest making it among the most sought after by producers from all over the world.  

The untamed northern valleys of Peru are lined with rows of the wispy plants blowing in the gentle breeze waiting to be sustainably harvested. The ideal growing conditions in this coastal slice of paradise allow the cotton bolls to mature into long natural fibers, perfectly blending premium, soft style with durable dependability. This naturally-achieved texture is more absorbent, letting us create in more vivid colors and styles.

These singular conditions, nutrient-rich soils, and ideal weather patterns form the building blocks that have allowed us to develop our holistically-organic approach. Maintaining the integrity and world renown quality of our individually-gathered Peruvian Pima cotton, we’re able to tell the story of the unmatched terroir that is the foundation, separating us from from the rest.

When the plant is at its’ peak maturation, we hand-pick the extra long staple cotton, providing the perfect canvas for our expert designers. It’s our local knowledge and respect of the basics for cultivating and harvesting combined with a deep understanding of the ancient plant that allows us to craft the perfect cotton.

Weaving only Peruvian Pima cotton, leaving out inferior fillers, allows us to focus on only the very best, in order to produce the highest-quality cotton clothing available. Mixing the luxurious feel of our natural cotton with the uncompromised beliefs we take in caring for the sustainable harvests, our product sets new standards in premium basics.

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