Why be basic?

There is nothing “basic” about sustainable harvesting, ethical working standards, and 80-point thread count t-shirts. While other companies sit back, resigned to create overpriced, lower-quality basics, VÄV produces the softest shirt you’ll ever buy. From seeding to weaving, our process has been honed to make luxury tangible and a premium fit for every occasion.

So the question is: why be basic? Why settle for a shirt that you’ll wash once, twice, maybe even five times, and watch it lose its fit and feel. We’ve got the answer for you: just don’t.

Blending style and strength in every piece we design, we rely on the expertise of our master tailors and the quality of the Peruvian Pima cotton to generate our hype. Our prices are based on providing our employees, farmers, and the team with the highest degree of support and safe work environments. We keep our costs down by doing things right the first time and passing on the savings to you.

There is no reason to waste your money on apparel that will stretch and lose its shape based merely on catchy brand mottos. VÄV has been working for nearly a century, creating a globally-inspired style that lives up to our promise of quality, style, and comfort.

Here’s what you need to know:


  • Spinning
    • Using green technology to showcase traditional craft, we spin our fabrics to evoke the highest quality.
  • Plying
    • By weaving the highest thread counts together, we can build a luxury fabric that fits perfectly and feels fantastic.
  • Weaving
    • Our expert fabric designers create strong, gentle weaves that showcase the best of power and grace.
  • Dyeing
    • Eco-friendly dyes are mixed to generate classic hues that represent the history of our brand.

Don’t settle for basic.

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